Photographs by Taras Bychko from the set of the film "Ya Pobeda and Berlin"

June - August 2020
Crazy 90s. 3 days before the planned concert, the novice musician Kuzma goes with his friend Bard to Berlin on the old "Pobyeda". They say there is a collector there who is ready to exchange it for the 600th Merc. Kuzma promises his girlfriend Barbara to return home in a new wheelbarrow, and the guys from the band - to make it to the performance. From the first minutes of the trip, everything does not go according to plan. However, it is known for sure: that the adventure will help the heroes find their true purpose.
Genre: Adventure, road movie, comedy
Production: UPHub with the support of the State Cinema the MKIP of Ukraine and the company Golden Tile
Screenwriters: Anatoly Krym, Oleksiy Komarovskyi, Nina Shulika
Director: Olga Ryashina
Producers: Oleksiy Terentyev, Yuriy Artemenko, Olga Panteleimonova
Director of Photography: Dmytro Nedrya
Production designer: Mykola Kishchuk
Actors: Ivan Blindar, Maria Stopnyk, Volodymyr Geva.
Taras Bychko

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