Photographs by Yuriy Naumovych
This project is a visual photographic study of my everyday life through the reproduction of it on film.
Each diptych has its theme or idea, but they all come together, creating a connection between them. Seemingly incompatible things come together in history. Chaotic at first glance, the paintings form a palette of the author's emotions and are aimed at the viewers' reflections through their experiences.
It is a study of opposites, balance, and the movement of time, and at the same time a reflection of the inner state of a person or social aspects—a way to reflect my life, thoughts, and feelings. My photography shows the obstacles, choices, and transformations I undergo.
The choice of a photographic tool - a film half-frame camera with a vertical viewfinder - gives me a starting point for composing the passage of time and forms a delayed result of reflection on the image. I have time for the formation and realization of the work.
The black and white film allows you to focus on the details and textures that add depth to the story. Each image reflects a certain moment or emotion that arises in me at a specific time but also shows its fluidity because the second frame of the diptych is made concerning lived experience and emotion. This, in turn, explains the two-sidedness of human experience. Shows different aspects of inner struggle, interactions between different parts of myself, and contradictions in my life or the viewer's life.
This project aims to provoke thought and reflection in the viewer about his life: stability and change, nature and human influence, and peace and movement. Each image represents its own unique story and meaning, but through their common idea, they create new contexts and possibilities for interpretation. It inspires me to think about the nature of contradictions and harmony in the world, about one's life path and connection with nature and community.
Everything that we live, accumulate, and feel can be put into an image that will have two parts. Filling these parts with content and emotions depends on us.
Yuriy Naumovych

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